Spin a Scarf of Sunshine

You know when your kids ask you a reasonable question, such as “how is a scarf made,” and you fumble your way through an explanation that is somehow simultaneously rambling yet prodigiously peppered with holes. An answer that might make sense to your adult brain but is met with a puzzled or glazed over expression? 

Anyone? Anyone else? 🙋🏻‍♀️Well this sweet story summarizes the process step-by-step of how sheared lamb’s wool becomes a beautiful scarf; from the shearing to washing to smoothing, spinning, dying, knitting. The full cycle is detailed in a sweet story in short manageable chunks that are easy to follow. I even learned a thing or two! Would also be a great way to get your child interested or curious about knitting! 

Ages 3-7, but older for potential to try and replicate at home. 


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