Old Enough to Save the Planet

A peek into the lives of several young climate change activists who are changing the world. The truth is, the world is facing a climate crisis like never before. A glimpse into the lives of kids around the world who are stepping up to raise awareness to try to save the planet. 

Evidenced by the youth climate strike in September 2019, children today are directly impacted and will not stay silent about about climate change. Old Enough To Save The Planet follows 12 young activists from across the globe who are taking action, speaking out, and making a difference. 

This book shares real, relatable stories about passionate kids and the real work they’ve done in the fight against climate change. I know there are many books on this topic; but this one offers tangible, actionable stories that seek to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to take steps to bring about change in their own local communities. The future of our planet starts with us.

Ages 8-12


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