Hugo and the Impossible Thing

This book!!! We loved it! Good wisdom for life, about not just accepting everything you hear at face value. Take the time to research, investigate, and discover to see if the stories you've been told are really truly true.

In Hugo's world, there lives an Impossible Thing at the edge of the forest. A huge, hulking mountain of a thing, all of the animals have often wondered what lies beyond the infamous Impossible Thing. Huge decides to act on his curiosity, and in the process discovers that since everyone was told it was impossible, no animal ever actually tried!
Hugo announces he will be the first, why not? Goal-oriented Hugo embarks on this quest, and soon learns many of the nay-sayers share his curiosity and band together to help.
A great book about doing what you want and what you love for you, and not letting others opinions foil the plans you have for yourself. Hugo learns that what may seem impossible might just be possible after all.

Ages 3-7


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