A Place To Hang The Moon

Reminiscent of The War That Saved My Life and other World War II fiction, A Place to Hang the Moon is the tale of three recently orphaned siblings who are evacuated from London to live in the countryside with the secret hope of finding a forever family.

William, 12, Edmund, 11, and Anna, 9, are orphaned after their grandmother’s passing at the dawn of WWII. Their situation as unusual, with their parents been deceased for years, their grandmother never offered them warmth or love like a typical grandmother might. Despite being financially secure, they do need a guardian, and in the dark days of World War II London, those are not exactly plentiful, especially with the three hoping to stay together. Could the mass evacuation from London to the countryside be the answer to their prayers?
Their grandmother’s estate manager sends them off to find a family on a hope and a prayer, an unlikely solution but for lack of other options, they go-- keeping their situation a secret, and hoping to be placed in a temporary home that ends u. Moving from one billet to another, they encounter the jealous antics of cruel foster brothers, the reality and hollowness of perpetual hunger, and find their only consistent refuge in the countryside is village library, whose kind librarian, Nora Müller.
A Place to Hang the Moon is a the realistic fiction story about the utter importance of family (whether the one you’re born into or the one you choose), love, and survival during a dark time in history.
Recommended ages, Grade 4-7


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