Shy Willow

A timid bunny named Willow prefers the quiet comfort of her cozy abandoned mailbox home. One day, an unexpected mistaken delivery forces Willow to venture outside the comfort of her home. This brings a bit of a challenge as the letter is addressed to the moon! Willow reads the letter from a boy hoping to arrange a surprise for his mother’s birthday. Moved by the boy’s thoughtfulness, Willow makes a decision to help deliver this important message, even if it means a journey beyond the safety and security of her mailbox home.

To reach the moon, she must problem solve, try, and fail. A heartfelt story about pushing oneself to try new things and the feelings associated with those new, and often uncomfortable experiences. Beautifully illustrated with many of Willow’s emotions communicated deftly without words—this is a genuine, earnest tale of bravery and self-realization.
My only caveat is I wish the author didn’t describe Willow as “shy,” a word I have a visceral reaction to and negative association with. There are so many synonyms that could’ve easily substituted; introverted, quiet, thoughtful, slow to warm. Hopefully Shy Willow empowers readers who identify with Willow and reframe the narrative, making shy an admirable, positive quality after all.
Ages 4–7


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