Salma the Syrian Chef


Salma and her mom are immigrants from Syria, now settled in Vancouver, BC, but the transition has not been smooth, especially for Salma’s mom. Between English classes, job interviews, and missing Salma’s dad back in Syria, Mama is always burnt out, busy, or sad. An idea sparks that perhaps she might cook a homemade Syrian meal might to cheer her up. Problem is; Salma doesn’t know the recipe, or the names of the ingredients in English, or the grocer that carries the right spices! Luckily, the staff and other newcomers in her ELL group are happy to lend a hand.

Focus and determined to make it happen, and with a bit of creativity, Salma brings new friends together to show her mother that even though life now isn’t complete or perfect, there is still cause for hope and celebration. Syrian culture is beautifully represented through the meal Salma prepares and a diverse cast of characters speaks to the power of growing your community and supporting others through hard times.


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