Lobstah Gahden

We really enjoyed this one! Walt is a proud lobstah whose greatest dream is winning the annual Swell Gahdens contest. But year after year that honor always goes to his chowdah-head neighbor Milton. One day, when heaps of gahbage show up in their yahds, the rival lobstahs must join forces to save their beloved gahdens from the trash floating down from above.

There are so many books out there about climate change and global warming geared toward kids, but so many are pretty grim (albeit rightfully so). Lobstah Gahden brings attention to climate change, ocean pollution, and conservation in a way that still emphasizes action but without the doom and gloom. Bonus: a few pages of backmatter about sea life and pollution will give readers practical ways they can help preserve our oceans.
Also, definitely with an exaggerated Boston accent for maximum appeal!


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