Outside Art

My son and I enjoyed this story. A ground of forest animal friends observe Human in her cabin doing all sorts of bizarre tasks; using mud to make water holders (pottery), plucking a string log to make noise (guitar), and attaching scraps to keep warm (sewing). They are perplexed when one day she takes a furry stick to put color on a board (painting). What is she doing? They wonder, speculating on the purpose and function of art.

Chickadee thinks it’s a way to say, “here I am! Listen to me.” Rabbit thinks she’s issuing a warning or signal that something is wrong. Deer thinks perhaps it is note taking to remember. The gaggle of animals continues to muse on defining what art is and what it means.
Since no consensus can be made, they reluctantly agreeing to disagree, and decide to see if they can create their own art in the snow. Each animal contributes something unique based on their characteristics, and ultimately they decide they were all right about art, it can be all those things and more.
Lovely and sweet and unlike any other story I’ve read. A great story to start a conversation.


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