The Purple Puffy Coat


This book was fun and relatable. Beetle and Stick Bug are dear friends and polar opposites; different in every way from appearance to personal preferences, but they delight in each other’s company.

For Stick Bug’s birthday, Beetle gets him a gift that he is immensely excited about and proud of—an enormous purple puffy coat. Stick Bug is considerably less enthused. While a kind gesture for the cold winter, the coat is showy, loud and attention seeking—everything Stick Bug is not. He reluctantly wears the coat about town, if only to please his friend and not hurt his feelings.
After a while, Beetle recognizes his friend’s unhappiness at his gift and gives Stick Bug a second gift, wrapped in a teeny tiny box is a note that says “You never need to wear your purple puffy coat again.” Delighted at his friend’s observations, kindness, and gesture in both instances, he immediately sheds the coat and proceeds to fit the coat for Beetle, fashioning a dapper puffy purple vest, which he loves. Lessons learned for both: be true to yourself and your friends.


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