The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

A beautiful story about self acceptance. The little ghost is unlike his friends, who are all light as air, able to twirl, fly, and float as they please. He looks on enviously, unable to do the same things for he is heavy, gets hot easily, and just can’t keep up. He is confused as to why he is different, after all both his parents are sheets, as are his friends. His parents try and reassure him that he is wonderful just as he is, and remind him that different doesn’t equal bad. Thinking they’re cheering him up, they remind him that his great-grandmother was a lace curtain.

On Halloween, everything changes, and he comes face to face with a human girl, and is appreciated and comforted in a way that his typical ghost friends will never know, all because they’re not a quilt.
This seems like a fitting coming of age story for all kids, a gentle reminder that there is not one right way to be, despite whatever subliminal messaging you might have received from the world. A journey of self acceptance and loving you for you.


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