I was first drawn to this book by its illustrations, marked by jewel-toned brushstrokes, intricate shading, and textured detail. The story, told in a lyrical rhyme, is of Ramone Ruby-Throat, a young bird terrified to take his first flight. .
After declaring he’s not ready, conjuring up many excuses to his mother, citing he’s not strong enough, he’s not ready, and feeling certain he will fall. He’s comforted by his mother, who while patient remains firm that Ramone ought to at least try. He looks out beyond the nest, observing the delight and excitement of his fellow novice bird friends, yet every time he nears the branch’s edge, his nerves get the best of him. 

Finally on the heels of a butterfly, he gives it a try, and is amazed! The realization dawns him that in the end, that while he was scared of flying, ultimately he was more scared of not even trying. A beautiful book, poetic text, and vibrant illustrations that highlight every brushstroke. Thank you @schifferkids for gifting me this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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