Digging For Words

An inspiring picture book based on the life of José Alberto Gutiérrez, a garbage collector in Bogotá, Colombia who started a community library in his home from a single discarded book found on his collection route.  
In the same city of Bogotá, there lives another Jose, a young boy who lives for Saturdays– since this is the only day of the week he gets to visit “Paradise,” what he affectionately calls the other Jose’s library. 

It’s hard to think of anyone willfully throwing away books, but José Alberto Gutiérrez found this happens quite often which inspired his project. Every night, he scans the sidewalks as he drives, searching household trash for hidden treasure. Some are stacked in neat piles, as if waiting for him and others take a bit more digging. Ever since Jose found his first book, Anna Karenina, he’s been collecting books to add to his little library.

And on his one day off, Saturdays, neighborhood kids like little Jose dash to “Paradise” to discover a world filled with books and wonder. A heartwarming read and celebration of community and the power of books.


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