Catching Thoughts

I really resonated with this one. It’s funny how sometimes you read a children’s book and as you’re consuming the words, you think “is this really a kids book? Because it feels like was meant for me!” 

I was struck by the visual representation of anxious thoughts; a gray balloon that follows the narrator around, hovering, lingering, taking up all the air space, demanding constant attention. Desperate to rid of the balloon, the narrator tries a new tactic; she grabs the balloon, confronting it head on, and then pushes it on. It is then and there she decides to only grab onto thoughts that are hopeful, thoughts that are lovely. By focusing on the good, the true, and the joyful, she is able to move past the gray balloon until it is a distant memory. 

Poignant and visually accessible, this one is ideal for all ages. 


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