Otto Goes North

Otto is a ring-tailed lemur who biked North to visit his friends and to paint the northern lights. But once he arrives and begins to paint in the frigid temps, he realizes his southern fur coat doesn't hold up in the ice and cold and promptly gets sick. His dear friends Nils and Lisa, a bear and a lynx, swoop in to aid Otto’s health, and strategize on how to beat help their friend recuperate and thrive in this unfamiliar climate.

Inevitably, they decide to use their own fur to knit Otto a sweater from scratch, discussing their plan as they go, taking the reader through the process of how to turn wool (fur) into a sweater. Though they fumble and error, both inexperienced and unsure of what they’re doing, the friends continue to try until they reach success, learning as they go. The story is playful and quirky, the characters are all flawed, moody at times, yet likable in their own right. The reader is along for the ride as they talk through ideas and problem solve how to best help their friend.
In addition, the illustrations are gorgeous, hygge at its best; glorious white-capped mountains, a cozy wood burning stove, steamy sauna, and wild blueberry soup. A lovely book about discovery, unexpected learning and diligence to accomplish a selfless act of true friendship.


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