Rita & Ralph's Rotten Day

This book is soooo good! How many times have we coached our kids to apologize sincerely when they’re in the wrong, only to find their apology empty, tinged with sass, or otherwise completely false?
Rita and Ralph are neighbors who play together daily. A small misunderstanding suddenly becomes a big problem when a half-hearted apology, delivered in an aggressive tone leads to increasing frustration, anger, and the beginning of resentment. This once tiny disagreement suddenly blooms into something else entirely, and both find themselves struggling with how to fix it. I found this book so relatable because this happens all the time, to kids and adults alike.
I loved how the author navigated Rita and Ralph’s feelings through this problem; through their verbal exchanges, facial expressions, and inner monologues. So, so good. A fantastic book to give voice to the delicate dance of navigating misunderstandings, problems, and finding proactive and positive solutions with family and friends.


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