Book Advent

It’s that time of year! ✨Book Advent! ✨Will be posting our tried and true holiday favorites as we kick off our beloved annual tradition. 

For those new to book advent, each year we gift each of our children a Christmas book. I write their name, the year, and a short message in the inside cover of each book and we store away until December when we bring out the entire collection. In my opinion, the novelty helps preserve the magic. Every night before bed, we open one of the books under twinkle lights of the Christmas tree, starting with the newest three for the year, and ending on Day 24 with The Night Before Christmas. Initially we supplemented with library books but 3 kids x 3 books per year has grown our collection quickly. It’s a fun tradition to see them rediscover their seasonal favorites, identify which books are there own, and lean into the magic of the season


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