Max's Box

A really poignant book about the weight of the things we carry with us; both physical and emotional. An excellent visual for children to grasp that feelings and emotions have weight. That while invisible, big feelings can take up a lot of space in your life and sometimes can grow heavier the longer they’re left alone.

The visual of Max starting with a tiny box to collect his stuff that slowly grows and grows, quickly outpacing his wagon, sled, and bike, inhibiting him from fully enjoying his time with family and friends. Max finds himself in the shadow of this enormous box, paralyzed and unable to do anything about it. A turning point occurs when Max lets a friend in, and then two, and slowly together they find a way to let move beyond the box, literally lightening the emotional load.
Visually significant and digestible for kids, a great book for a conversation starter. I really, really enjoyed this one!


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