Bird Hugs

 This book hits all the marks, whimsical drawings, excellent message, witty text, and just the right length. Bird Hugs is the story of Bernard the bird with exceptionally long wings. So long in fact that he cannot fly despite his best and most creative efforts. Feeling rejected and alone, he tries to hide his long wings, refashioning them as a scarf, a headdress, anything to take attention away from his visible difference to the other birds.

But a chance turn of events offers Bernard an opportunity to put his wings to use to comfort another forest animal, and the ramifications of this one act changed everything.
A warm-hearted book for anyone whose ever felt self conscious or disliked something about themself. Coming to terms with a physical characteristic you might view as a flaw, or imperfection, or annoyance, accepting your difference, and reframing the narrative to see if as a blessing rather than a curse.


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