Whale of a Mistake

Do you ever read a book and think, ooh, I need to bookmark this for a later date?! Well, I do, all the time. This book would be so impactful to read with a child, tween, or teen that’s grappling with the aftermath of a situation they view as a mistake made.

The story is told with clever word play and vivid images of a literal “whale” of a mistake. Initially the mistake is enormous, a huge hulking mass, encompassing all of space in the room. But slowly, with time, distance, and perspective, the whale becomes smaller and smaller as the girl is grounded once again. It’s so visually accurate of how mistakes and errors can feel all-consuming and never-ending, and perhaps a way to connect to your family member going through the hard thing. Anyway, I loved it. Adding to my ever-growing pile of “parenting books” to reference at a later date.


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