The Paper Kingdom

Daniel’s parents work the night shift cleaning a large office building. When the usual babysitter is unable to come watch him, Daniel is roused awake and brought along to the deserted building, trailing his parents room to room as the sweep and vacuum and mop. Attempting to make the best of the experience for a sleepy Daniel, his parents tell imaginative tales of the Paper Kingdom, its king, and dragons, attempting to turn their nightly routine into something other than a mundane experience for Daniel. .
An insightful book, based on the author’s childhood, and a glimpse into someone else’s life and experience. A great book to try and help children understand another family’s day to day life, and how compare/contrast how that life might look similar or different to their own. The Paper Kingdom shows that there is much more to life beyond your own story and experience, and that everyone’s perspective, life experience, and story is valid and important.


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