The NOT Bad Animals

For anyone with a kiddo who likes obscure, undervalued, or often vilified animals (i.e. vampire bats, scorpions, Komodo dragons, squid, opossum, Tasmanian devils, etc) this book is for you!

Another feature I really appreciate about this book, is that each animal is framed by two full pages of all the misinformation that gives the animal a “bad” reputation. For example, with wolves, “I’m big, I’m bad” to “I live in dark, spooky caves and will defend my territory aggressively.” These pages are followed by two fact-driven pages, “wolves actually howl to communicate,” and “wolves are very family-oriented and stay together in packs.” The book is whimsically illustrated and very visual which increases its accessibility to younger kids (the layout includes a mix of text boxes, word bubbles, and is pleasantly heavy on the art).
Reading this, we had a great conversation about rumors, fake news, and how quickly misinformation spreads. It was a great book to given concrete parallels to other important conversations we are currently having as a family. Highly recommend!!


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