Lone Wolf

We enjoyed this cute story about the Parker’s family dog, Maple, who despite beings a domestic pet, is constantly asked by neighbors if she’s part wolf. The constant barrage of questions causes Maple to doubt her identity and as such, she decides further exploration of the topic is needed. One day, she sneaks out through the opens ate to discover if perhaps there’s some truth to the constant queries, while trying make it in the wild as a wolf. 

Turns out, being a wolf is no picnic, and after a brief stint, Maple returns home and haul lily reunites with her family, feeling secure in her quest and decision to identify fully as a dog. 

Enjoyed this story, but also appreciated that the author/illustrator included a differently abled character. The daughter in the Parker family uses an electric wheelchair, which while not pointed out explicitly is observable on several pages. In the blurb, author Sarah Kurpiel notes that she too uses a power wheelchair and considers her disability to be an important part of her identity. 


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