Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel

I love how this series makes biographies engaging. As an adult, I’ve loved reading memoirs, but as a kid, I often found biographies dry and hard to get excited about. However, this Little People, Bjg Dreams series is truly a just right fit—heavily illustrated and peppered with historical facts and context. When reading about these individuals I thought I “knew,” I’m finding that I too am learning new facts alongside my kids. 

Take Coco Chanel for example, I always kind of thought of her as a fashion and makeup mogul, and didn’t give her much thought beyond that. Turns out, Coco was quite a risk taker in her day; and had quite a hand at making fashion more comfortable and accessible for women, steering trends away from constricting garments like corsets toward new styles of dresses, skirts, and feminine jackets. 

You never know who and what is going to resonate with your kids, so we are slowly making our way through this wonderful series, learning about these amazing women and men along the way.


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