In A Jar

I LOVE this book! Every now and then I find a book that resonates with me so fully, that I feel compelled to reread it extra slowly as to absorb and appreciate the words and illustrations to their fullest. 

This story is about a little rabbit named Llewelyn who is a collector. He gathers all kinds of things in jars; ordinary items like buttercups and feathers. He meets a new friend, Evelyn who inspires him to also try and gather extraordinary things; like rainbows and the sound of the wind before a snowfall. The pairs collection of jars grows, a tangible representation of the feelings and moments that inspire happiness in the friends. 

When Evelyn announces she is moving away, Llewellyn is devastated but hopeful that even across a vast distance they can continue their collections and find ways to maintain their friendship from afar. 

The illustrations are painstakingly detailed, absolutely lovely, the entire book is a masterpiece! ✨


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