A Little Bit Brave

 The sweetest little bunny book, my kids loved this one! Logan is a self proclaimed stay-at-home bunny. He prefers the comforts of home and is reluctant to venture outside of his familiar burrow. His roommate Luna is the daring one; she embarks upon new adventures every day, each one louder and more exciting than the last. Luna tries to coax Logan to join her, but he opts out day after day, citing that the world outside is far too scary for his liking.

One day, after pestering him to join her yet again, Luna leaves in a huff, exclaiming exasperatedly that she wishes Logan could be “just a little more brave” before stomping out. Upset about their disagreement, Logan bakes cookies to make amends, but realizes the only way to get them to Luna is to go...outside.
It’s a very well done story, with excellent word choice, plot twists, and well-crafted dialogue, and the story is juxtaposed nicely among the illustrations. A tale of taking risks and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.



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