Tomorrow I'll Be Kind

Since we’re not having school in-school, for the foreseeable future, I’ve been trying to help my daughter keep up in all the major content areas; math, literacy, and writing, but I’ve found that there hasn’t been as much social emotional content. In a traditional classroom this might look like read aloud, role playing, or targeted conversations about bullying, inclusion, privacy, and consent. Understandably, I guess, as most parents, like myself, are just trying to keep our heads above water as we navigate this new version of school. However, I feel that social emotional content is more important than ever, especially given that the opportunities for young kids to socialize have changed significantly. 

In my experience, there’s always more rl for books on kindness and empathy, so consider this a social emotional lesson for the day. Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind is beautifully illustrated, concrete, with relatable visual examples and concise explanations. My only bone to pick is I wish it was called “TODAY, I’ll Be Kind.” Read it today and practice throwing kindness around like confetti (from 6-feet away, of course).


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