The Little Blue Cottage


This book heartwarming and provided the satiety of a good meal. It is enchanting and sweet and lovely in every way. Reading it garnered a nostalgia that surprised me, sparking a recall of happy summers visiting my grandparents home in Oregon, barefoot and sunburnt, with fingers constantly sticky with blackberry juice. 

Reading this was a tangible reminder that in the midst of uncertainty, it bodes well to lean into the things that make us feel grounded, safe, and most like our true selves. 

The Little Blue Cottage is about so much more than a structure. It’s about family and traditions and how a familiar place can often be the most comforting thing of all. Where familiar scents and sounds are intrinsically woven into your memories, and the experiences of year upon year settle into the fabric of the space itself. Sometimes a place can provide as much comfort as a person, even amidst even the greatest of storms.


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