The Good Egg

Finally checked out The Good Egg which my kids and I enjoyed. Truth be told, I went in skeptical as I really did not enjoy the book, The Bad Seed by the same authors. Essentially, I didn’t like how to story reduced the characters to inherently “good” or “bad”, but this read had a stronger underlying message that bears repeating. 

Good Egg is a self-identified “good” egg, ruler follower, and overachiever, who takes pride in being the good one amongst a wild dozen. However, Good Egg puts so much pressure on himself to be good and outshine his fellow eggs that he begin to crack all over. 

Something needs to change in order for Good Egg to heal and survive. He sets out alone, on a solo trip that ends up being a journey of self-care and self-discovery. Upon returning home, he tries to approach life with the new realization that no one is perfect, not even the “good” egg, and it’s important to stop spending your life trying to please and impress others, and that being good your YOURSELF is important too.


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