Ruth and the Green Book

This is a movement, not a moment. I feel strongly that it is important to do my part in reading, researching, and educating myself and my children every day. .

Ruth and the Green Book is a new-to-us story (published @lernerbooks in 2010). It’s historical fiction, but based on true experiences. .

In the 1950’s, Ruth and her family travel by car from Chicago to her grandmother’s house in rural Alabama. On their cross-country road trip through the Deep South, Ruth’s family encounters many people and places who deeply despise their presence as black travelers, and outright refuse service to her family. Weary and exhausted, her parents meet a friendly attendant at an Esso gas station, who shows her family “The Green Book,” a guidebook stayed by postman, Victor H. Green, to help black people who were traveling. The book listed places in states where Black travelers would be welcome to sleep, eat, shop, service their vehicle, and more. With the aid of the Green Book, Ruth and her family are able to safely make it to Alabama and back home at the end of their trip. 

Reading this with my kids helped them ask questions and made for an enriching dialogue about racial inequalities then and now. 


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