Kamala and Maya's Big Idea

Our new favorite book! Sisters Maya and Kamala Harris had a big idea; to create a playground in the courtyard of their apartment for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy. “Yes, that sounds nice,” their mom agreed wistfully, when Kamala asked, “How can we make that happen?” Determined to bring their idea to fruition, the sisters wrote letters, strategized, rallied interest and support among the community, initially met by no after no. What to do? Give up? Never! They persisted until no upon no one day became...maybe. “Maybe” wasn’t exactly the answer they wanted, but it was a start. 

Their persistence, effort, and consistency turned a bunch of no’s, into a maybe, and eventually a yes. A true story based on senator, Kamala Harris’ childhood. This book is relatable and engaging, written in such a way that kids can find applicable to their own lives and experience. It’s encouraging message shows kids the promise of pushing, persevering, and that sometimes those big ideas, no matter how lofty or far-reaching, can make all the difference.


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