The Music of Life

This books was a random instant e-download on the Libby app. A perfect book for our current season of life, as it’s all about stopping, slowing down, and noticing. Lenny is a music composer, who despite having ample time on his hands, finds himself having severe writer’s block. 

As he exhales loudly, leaning into the silence, he notices his cat, Pipo, lapping up milk with a soft, lick lick lick. All of a sudden, he begins to hear rhythms and notes everywhere. The tweet tweet tweet of birds, the huff huff huff of a jogger catching their breath, the rustle of the wind in the trees. 

This book was so lovely and a reminder that even in the midst of all this crazy uncertainty there is so much beauty in the world. My kids and I stopped and listened for sounds around us; the hum of our heater, the fwap fwap fwap of a page turning, the chirp of our resident blue jay, the gurgles from their baby brother on the monitor. A great departure from worksheets and apps for the day, when we slow down and listen, we can notice all the little nuances of our everyday. 


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