Two Bad Ants

This book is a classic story written by the author of Polar Express and Jumanji, Chris Van Allsburg. The two band ants decide to bail on their duties for the colony, abandoning their mission to their queen, and end up in quite a pickle. It’s very engaging and keeps you wondering what will happen next—with plenty of opportunities to wonder aloud, ask questions, and make inferences..
Since it was written in 1998, it’s not available on ebook at the library but I found a good video of it being read aloud on YouTube
If you’re feeling really energized, you could extend this by walking through your home, and seek out household appliances/features that an ant might confuse with a house, lake, school... and draw that *extra* labs for the book. In my experience, stick with a lesson as long as there is engagement and interest. If they’re here for it, extend and expand, if they’re not watch the video and call it a day. Literacy lesson completed!


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