Remote Learning: Dragons Love Tacos

Today’s “writing” activity was reframed as a recipe. First, we read Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. 

Next we made “recipes” for 2 different kinds of tacos. Taco #1, each kid listed the toppings they normally prefer in a numbered list. My son (4) drew pictures of his toppings and my daughter (6) sounded out words. Taco #2 was a pretend, imaginary, *fun* taco with any ingredients they wanted (as long as they could be sounded out). Lollipop + Nutella, M&M, ice cream tacos for the win! 

Did this go seamlessly? No! There was a thrown marker and some mild tantrum throwing, but ultimately they did it. In my experience, reframing writing as other things helps my kids gear up for a task. 

Dragons Love Tacos is available on KCLS in ebook and streaming video via hoopla.


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