Learning About Auroras // Watercolor Painting

My kids have been curious about the Northern Lights after seeing them in Frozen II of all things. “Are they real? Where do the lights come from? What makes them happen?” they asked. All good questions, none of which I could confidently answer. After a bit of research a la Google, I found a few credible kid-friendly videos explaining the origin and science of auroras. Truth be told, I learned just as much as my kids from these videos. The video explained the concepts so thoroughly that my daughter was able to fully articulate how auroras are formed to my husband when he joined us for lunch.
Since interest was high, and wanting to deviate from our learning being entirely on a screen, we broke out the water colors and painted our own auroras while watching real-time and sped-up videos of the Northern Lights’ aurora borealis. .
My takeaway from this whole remote learning experience has been follow their questions, engage their interest, and throw all the worksheets away! .

Watch (and repeat) while painting: Aurora Borealis video (8 minutes)


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