You're in Good Paws

This is a must-read for any kiddo having a surgery or big procedure involving anesthesia at the hospital. One of my kids has been under general anesthesia several times before turning 4. At the most recent operation, we could’ve used a book like this to eliminate some of the fear by explaining what to expect step-by-step and essentially de-mystifying the entire experience. 

In the book, a nurse walks the patient through all the steps preparing for a surgery. From checking in, to recording vitals, meeting with physicians, laying on a stretcher with wheels, the administration of anesthesia and subsequent countdown to waking up in a busy recovery room in a bed alongside other patients. The entire experience is portrayed matter-of-factory and is fairly accurate (despite having animals for doctors and nurses). While the premise isn’t my favorite (two very aloof parents somehow take their human child to an animal hospital for surgery without realizing their error), it's a great book to help walk kids through the process.


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