Someone Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Mr. Hatch is a lonely old man. He lives a quiet, predictable life and keeps to himself. People on the block recognize him, but nobody really knows him. 

One day, the mail carrier delivers a giant box of chocolates, which Mr. Hatch receives, perplexed and confused. Who sent these? He muses. Upon opening the card, an ember is stirred inside him as he reads the note, “Someone loves you.” 

Surprised at his own reaction, he laughs! He claps! And dances with delight. A secret admirer? How wonderful! From then on, he goes out of his way to interact with his neighbors, spreading kindness like confetti. The neighborhood responds, appreciative and grateful for someone who goes out of their way to be courteous and kind.

However, it is soon revealed that the chocolates were accidentally delivered to the wrong house, and were never meant for Mr. Hatch. Glum and resigned, he begins to resume his old ways, when the neighborhood notices, hears the story, and decides to step in.

A wonderful book about how small acts of kindness can move mountains. You never know how impactful a few quick words or gesture of kindness will mean to someone.


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