Paper Mice

This book was well-suited for my daughter, who devoured each page with increasing delight. 

With a quick snip, snip, a grandma and grandson cut two mice out of paper, drawing their features with care—bright eyes, tiny noses, and elegant whiskers—before placing them between the pages of a book to press flat. 

Unbeknownst to her, or each other, the two paper mice come alive in the night, separately exiting the book and begin roaming the house. Pulled by curiosity and wonder the mice explore separately, each discovering many unique and unusual things, until they haphazardly and fortuitously stumble into each other. It’s clever and imaginative and sparked a great conversation between my daughter and I, who then surmised what our paper creations do at night when we are fast asleep. I shrugged and I could see her mind already churning out imaginative idea after idea, before she dashed to our art table to create. A story that inspires imagination and ignites creativity is always worth a share in my book.


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