The Snow Globe Family

When I taught second grade this book was always a favorite of the season! 

A little snow globe family loves inside the winter snow globe that sits on a larger human family’s mantle. The little family reminisces upon years gone by when there were snowstorms all the time but lately there had only been the occasional flurry when the maid walks by the mantle with her feather duster. 

Well, this year is different, as there’s a baby now, who eyes the snow globe with excited delight, and eagerly finds a way to knock the globe from its perch, creating the biggest blizzard they’ve ever seen! All kinds of winter fun ensues, sledding from the top story of the house, snowball fights, and snowman making merriment. 

A fun, imaginative read! Invite your kid to brainstorm how they would handle living in a snow globe—what would you do when a surprise blizzard struck? In second grade, this writing prompt used to garner all kinds of creative ideas from gluing furniture to the ground to papering the walls with pillows. The sky is the limit! 


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