The Love Letter

Loved this one! After a tired, grumpy, bad-mood colored morning, Hedgehog stumbles upon a love letter on the ground. Addressed to “friend,” he begins to read, delighted in the kind words and knowledge that someone loves him. Buoyed by this new secret letter, his mood is bright and cheerful, and he genuinely goes out of his way to offer kindness to his friends. 

After their morning together, in her way home, Bunny finds the same love letter on the grass and remarks in surprise, “Hedgehog loves me!” Feeling especially happy, Bunny bounces home and is especially helpful and perky to her family, stopping by Squirrel’s after dinner to deliver more acorns. 

Squirrel then finds the same letter, and feels the same warmth and love knowing that Bunny loves him! Following suit with the other animals, he too pays it forward. .
Eventually the animals all discover that they’ve been reading the same letter all along—thinking the other was the author. When, to their surprise they find the true author, and find an opportunity to practice inclusion, kindness, and show love to that lonely animal. 

A really sweet tale about the power and strength of words and the impact they can have on others.


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