Saturday is the day Ava and her mother cherish, as it is the only day Ava’s mother has off from work. They set their expectations high, declaring that Saturday will be special and splendid, a day filled with story time, a trip to the salon, a picnic, and a puppet show. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? 

When one by one, the scheduled plans fall apart, Ava’s mother tries to keep it together, pausing to breathe and collect herself before crumpling in despair when the final outing is a bust. She is despondent, feeling like she has failed Ava as she couldn’t deliver a day that was splendid and special, as promised. Seeing her mother’s anguish, Ava comforts her, explaining that her favorite thing about Saturdays isn’t all of the activities, it is ultimately their time together. 

A great book for kids (and parents) to talk about when things don’t go as planned, reframing expectations and rewriting the narrative we tell ourselves. As a mom who often feels that despite my best efforts and intentions, I’m getting it wrong, I truly loved and enjoyed reading this book!


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