Ruby Finds A Worry

Love this book! A reassuring story for kids about what to do when a worry won’t leave you alone. Ruby is a creative, imaginative girl, curious about her world, who finds herself shadowed by a worry that doesn’t seem to go away. Every day, that worry seems to grow and grow until it is humongous, and all she can think about. Feeling isolated and perplexed as to why no one else around her seems to be bothered by worries in the same way, Ruby internalizes these facts about herself, feeling shame and smallness that she’s somehow “other.” 
She carries the weight of these feelings until one day, she befriends a boy who also has a worry, just like her. Knowing she’s not alone and not unusual is an immense relief to Ruby who is then able to move forward beyond that one looming worry. 
An excellent resource about processing emotions, building self-confidence, and sharing and normalizing and managing hidden anxieties.


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