The book has all the feels; I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, as did my kids, and we might be adding this one to our permanent collection. 

Fern loves her Nanna; her eccentric house, her cat Snowball, and her delectable butterfly cakes. But lately, Nanna has been different; she stopped baking, and hardly ever smiles anymore. Fern discusses the changes in Nanna with her mom, who admits, “it’s like the Joy has gone out of her life.” This sparks an idea with Fern, who is determined to find, capture, and bring back joy to her Nanna’s life. She gathers her materials; a can, a paper bag, a net, all tools intended to “catch” joy. 

However, Fern realizes that while joy is abundant in the world, it is quite difficult to catch and contain. She shares this news with her Nanna, and is surprised to find Nanna smiling after she hears about Fern’s arduous quest. Turns out the tales of Fern seeking joy delighted Nanna, who found the most joy in just talking with Fern herself. 

This book was both emotional and heartwarming, an uplifting story about finding joy in life. A must read with your kiddos!


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