Fergal and the Bad Temper

This book has gotten a lot of read-throughs in our house as of late as we adjust to life with a new baby. 

Fergal the Dragon is a friendly little guy. He’s sweet and kind but when someone tells him what to do or things don’t go his way—he has a tendency to get angry and literally spout fire at the problem. As you can imagine, this becomes problematic for the other dragons in Fergal’s life; burnt dinners, soccer goals in ashes, frustrated family and friends, you get the gist. 

I really love this book, as the author reminds the reader that you are not your behavior. We all get fiery sometimes, but to coexist with others we need to find strategies to manage our fiery feelings, and not everyone’s management technique is the same. A great book about big feelings, communication, and striving to be your best self. 



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