Count on Me

Loved this book! A great story about identifying passions and understanding the different lenses through which everyone sees the world. Even within the same family, interests are unique to the individual. For example, the narrator’s family members all view the world differently, through their passions of art, science, and music. And despite dabbling in all of their passions, the narrator is quite certain she can’t claim any of those as her own. But the thing that does delight and excite her is math! She feels alive when finding geometric shapes on the playground, concentric circles at the lake, and discovering numbers and patterns in everyday life.

As someone who doesn’t see the world through a mathematical lens, I really enjoyed this book, and thought it provided an insightful perspective about how people quite literally see the world differently. And bonus, to further the narrator’s passion and perspective is a “notebook” in the final pages of the book, with visual examples and explanations of math in the world. Highly recommend!


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