Captain America & Spider-Man (A Marvel Origin Story)

My son is currently obsessed with The Avengers, and one thing I’ve found while seeking out books for him is that there are a LOT of BAD superhero books out there!! Either they’re too dense and text heavy, or too graphic and mature for a young audience, or just blah with dry cookie-cutter text. 

These Origin Stories adapted by Rich Thomas are excellent! You get the gist of how each character became a superhero, a bio of their upbringing, and context as to how they’ll use their powers to serve the people. Plus, it’s the perfect ratio of text to illustrations (i.e. heavy on the illustrations with just enough text). So far, we’ve enjoyed Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor...and there’s plenty more. If you’re considering a deep dive into the Marvel universe with or for your kiddo, this series makes a great gateway. 


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