A Friend Like Him

My big kids are both really into Aladdin right now, both the 1992 Disney cartoon original and the updated 2019 live-action movie. While helping our kids select Christmas gifts for their sibling, my daughter found this book, and was delighted as she knew how excited it would make her brother. Sure enough, he was ecstatic! Truth be told, it might have garnered even more joy than the LEGO she also gave him! 👍.
One thing we really enjoyed about this book is that it focuses on an important aspect in Aladdin’s story that often takes a backseat to the love story in most retelling. —his friendship with the Genie. I think it’s so important to find and read books with my kids about the dynamics of friendship, but especially for my son, the depth and benefits of healthy male friendships. There are so many books about friendship between girls, but significantly less books about friendship between boys. The Genie becomes a trusted confidant and loyal friend to Aladdin, and I appreciated reading being able to expand upon this popular story to dive deeper into their connection and bond, with concrete examples of true male friendship. 


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