As far as I’m concerned- Bunnicula is one of the best read alouds of all time. I still vividly remember my 2nd-grade teacher, Mrs. Robinson reading this aloud to my class in anticipation of Halloween, pausing dramatically at all the suspenseful parts, ending each chapter with a theatrical “dun dun dun.” I’ve loved this book ever since (hence my vintage, dog-eared copy)
Looking forward to the day I can read this aloud to my kids- think they’re a bit too young at present- but we’re not far off. My teacher tips for reading this aloud with the best possible voices: read Chester’s dialogue with an uptight, nasal, and exceedingly short-tempered voice. And read the lovable narrator Harold’s dialogue with a dense, faintly oafish, aloofness. It will up your reading experience of this book. Trust me.


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