A Fine, Fine School

This book has been read and reread a handful of times in our home this past weekend. I love it when a book resonates so soundly with my children; so much so that finding said book is accompanied by an overeager fervor and frantic quest to find the dog-eared copy that has somehow moved locations despite no one remembering where it's gone.

A Fine, Fine School is a lovely story of an enthusiastic student, Tillie, and an even more overzealous principal, Mr. Keane, as they navigate the school year- declaring their school so wonderful and so fine that it only makes sense to add MORE school- which ultimately is a recipe for disaster. Be on the lookout for Tillie’s whimsical dog, Beans, on each page. This lovable pup is a delight to young readers with his uncharacteristic human-like behavior. Though Beans can’t fetch or sit- he can sip a mug of coffee and mow the lawn with the best of them. A fun read for all!



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