Just For Me

Just For Me by Jennifer Hansen Rolli is a great fit for that young toddler who isn’t so keen on sharing. While the target audience for this book is a bit young for my kiddos - I’m saving it to read with Baby #3

Just For Me begins with the narrator bogarting all the things for herself- the doll, the castle, the sprinkles, even the sunshine! But when an unexpected accident causes the destruction of the latest “just for me” item- the lens shifts as there’s a subtle realization that perhaps some things aren’t as fun “just for me,” and are actually better when it’s me and you. And you don’t always have to share just to appease the crying party. Sharing is a learned behavior and an experience that in many situations- can be an enjoyable one. 

With changing tides in parenting culture, the narrative about sharing is evolving, and I appreciate Hansen Rolli’s visual explanation about the changing narrative about sharing. I often encourage my kids to use the phrase, “I’m not ready yet,” if they’re determined to play solo- as opposed to handing over said item just because. After all, taking turns is just a part of life, everyone can’t have everything at the exact same time- that’s real life! 

Great activities to practice taking turns skills include baking cookies together with one stirring utensil, blowing bubbles with a single wand, or coloring from a single coloring book or a limited rainbow of markers. I’m a big fan of putting my kids within real-life circumstances, not always setting them up for unlimited success- as chances are, not everyone they encounter will want to freely or easily share with them. And there’s likely plenty of other times someone will tell them, this is “just for me.” Is it always pretty? No! Are there tears sometimes? Absolutely! But at the end of the day- that’s life! 🤷🏻‍♀️


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