Who Are You Calling Weird?

After an engaging episode of Wild Kratts, my kids are incredibly interested in aye ayes, a member of the lemur family found only in Madagascar. However, after some meticulous research, turns out, there’s not an abundance of aye aye books geared toward children. 
Thankfully this book delivered! And not only for aye ayes. Since reading this book, collectively we’ve learned about quite a few unusual animals which are often considered “weird” outliers in their natural habitats, including but not limited to the Pacific barreleye, a see-through “spookfish,” the cutest little Dumbo octopus, a proboscis monkey, a hammer-headed bat, and a mwanza flat-headed agama. Any chance you’d heard of all those animals before? Yeah, me neither. 

This non-fiction book is colorful, informative, and sheds light on some fascinating creatures that don’t always get to claim the spotlight.
And bonus, hardcover is only $3 right now!


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